Pupil Referral Units
Pupil Referral Units
  • Pete always makes a remarkable contribution to our work
    Sue Staples - Head
    Mendip PRU
  • Pete is a charismatic character who will turn on your kids to the excitement of poetry and music, while giving them plenty of opportunity to let off some steam. Highly recommended
    Dilys Hadley - Exmouth Community Worker
    Primary, Special/PRU and Pre-schools
  • It's learning but it's fun. Absolutely fantastic
    Year 10 Student
    Mendip PRU
Pupil Referral Units

Creative Workout embraces this mission statement which was central to workshops sucessfully deliverd at Arc School Coventry.

Our mission is to develop confident and capable young people by meeting their educational, health and social care needs in structured, nurturing school and home provisions. We work in partnership with young people, their families and carers and other stakeholders to achieve outcomes which make a difference.

A number of creative workshops are available for key stages three and four for pupils who experience social, emotional and behavioural challenges. Here are details of one such project.

A grant of £100 per setting is available to all state PRUs and special units administered through Somerset County Council's Equalities department. Workshops can also be offered to settings outside of Somerset

The project promotes the values of race and gender equality and cultural diversity and focuses on the many positive changes that have occurred in the UK in recent years. The work promotes community cohesion within a school and its local community and reflects the British value of respect for other cultures. Please ask how to request the grant.

The work involves reflective discussion on disabilty, race and gender equality stressing the values of respect and consent.

The work involves story telling and drama workshops that give pupils culturally diverse experiences - a focus on people who have changed the world. Leaders of the civil rights movement in the USA such as Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, heroes of the anti apartheid movement in South Africa such as Nelson Mandela and a strong current role model for girls – Malala Yousafzai. Rap type poetry is often written and performed as part of the narrative of the day.

Equal opportunities

Every pupil is included, valued and seen as unique. Girls and boys share active roles.

Communication and language

Rich language opportunities are offered within highly inter-active discussion and poetry based activities. Pupils listen and respond appropriately as individuals and as a group and are asked to solve problems and answer how and why questions; How serious is racism and sexism in your setting? What about in the wider community? What can we do to improve the situation? How can we celebrate ourselves as individuals? What makes us special and unique?”
The inter-active nature of the work means that the direction of the work is often determined by the pupils.
All pupils are asked to view themselves as active citizens. “What can you do to challenge racism and sexism to make your community a better place?”

Understanding the world

The stories and percussion instruments come from India, Africa and Eastern Europe. Within the stories several countries are visited and references are made to geography, food and music. The music of Bob Marley and the poetry of Benjamin Zephaniah are featured and valued.

Personal, social and emotional development

Pupils feel empowered and express a positive sense of themselves and others. They are encouraged to respect other cultures, explore appropriate behaviour and understand others' feelings. The work strongly supports the school's behaviour policy.

The work has evolved since its start January 2012 and is adapted for all settings, rural and urban – mono cultural and multi cultural.

Please ask about other aspects of creative workout's special school work. He has several discussion based poetry programmes linked to race, gender and disability rights. Also ask about his acrylic mural workshops (link to art examples) and the Anthology-in-a-Day project(link to poetry examples). He runs training for special school practitioners and writes feature articles for education magazines.


Pete runs highly successful and enjoyable training workshops for special practitioners who learn how to manage the sensitive and essential issues of race, gender and disability equality with an emphasis on healthy relationships (link to training testimonials)

Costs & Subsidies

Pete's fee is £260 for a day, with a £100 subsidy which brings the cost down to £160 for a full day's work with any number of children. Other subsidies are available, please ask.