Equality and Diversity
Equality & Diversity

Creative Workout is committed to promoting the values of race and gender equality. Our work celebrates cultural diversity and challenges racism and sexism. Girls and boys are treated as equals and, where appropriate, the rights of disabled and LGBT people are included in our workshops.

For examples, stories from around the world, a focus on Rosa Parks and Malala Yousafzai and projects with school councils all have strong equality and diversity themes.

Creative Workout is financially supported by;

Somerset County Council
Diversity Voice www.diversityvoice.com
The Co-operative Community Fund www.mycommunity.org.uk

is advised by;
SAFE (Stop Abuse for Everyone) www.safe-services.org.uk
Mandy Barnes feminist activist Exeter Reclaim the Night - find Mandy on facebook by clicking here

has recently led workshops with;
The Woodcraft Folk www.woodcraft.org.uk
Surrey Social Services
Watchet Music Festival www.watchetfestival.co.uk

and is friends with;
Lesley Saunders educationalist and poet www.lesleysaunders.org.uk